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Professional Photoshop Services

Our Professional Photoshop services are perfect for:

professional photoshop editing services professional photoshop services

Our Professional Photoshop Services

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Clipping Path Services

Here at clipping path specialist, we pride ourselves on making sure all clipping paths are 100% hand-drawn. Thus your extracted images sit in their specified backdrops.

Background Removal

Background removal service cuts out the subject of a photo or image and wipes the rest of the image clean. Thus fulfills a more straightforward look and emphasizes the subject of the picture.

Image Masking services

Clearing background imagery such as fur and hair can be crucial. Clipping Path Specialist operators are experts when it comes to image masking. Ecommerce websites are in very much need of masking services.

Drop shadow SERVICE

A Drop shadow or reflection shadow/mirror effect can add depth to your product image. Clipping Path Specialist will ensure products look natural and iconic. Shadows can make both DIY and shot product photos look even better.

Image Manipulation

Clothing and accessories look more lifelike and natural in an invisible mannequin. We combine the ghost mannequin with other services to achieve natural-looking photos. Clipping Path Specialist can manipulate your image from many sources.

Color Variant

When we want to show all the color variants available for your product. We use one image of the product and one image of each color. It allows us to make sure the product looks the same across all color variants. With the exception being only the color.

Photo Retouching

Clipping Path Specialists offer all types of professional photoshop retouching services. We will give you professional results free of scratches, spots, or imperfections. Our professional photoshop editing services include beauty airbrushing, dust, and spot removal.

Product Photo Editing

Whether it’s a clipping path, or shadow effect, we’ll fulfill your requirements. Whether you are on a budget or working against a tight deadline? Clipping path specialists to work around the clock to help.

Raster to Vector (R2V)

Bitmap images won’t give the desired effect for professional design. Clipping Path Specialist will deliver fantastic quality vector image, whatever your required conversion. We manually draw each vector to make sure every detail is captured.

We serve our clients with all types of professional Photoshop services.