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Clipping Path Services

The clipping path is the name of the technique is using to remove the background. The background is removing from the original image by considering the clipping path services. The process uses to give attractive shapes to an image, adjust or sorting portions in an image, or create layouts. Digital photographers, ad agents, web development companies, magazine companies are using these services. Many companies need this service like a brochure and prepress publishing houses.

what is clipping path service?

In Photoshop software, a clipping path is a vector graphic that outlines any object like a trace around an edge in a picture. Clipping paths are usually using for two purposes to cut off something or send it around. Clipping Path Specialists is a promising name for providing the best image editing service. We are ensuring the maximum quality with guaranteed satisfaction. Clipping path is the most essential and key factor for image masking, image manipulation, photo retouching, image resizing, shadow creation, color correction, and so on. Clipping Path Specialists is a leading photo editing and clipping path service provider in UK, USA, EU, India, and Australia.



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Different Types of Clipping Path Services

Simple Clipping Path

A simple or basic clipping path is an elementary option for removing or making out the original images’ background. Only the Hand-drawn deep etching can ensure a gorgeous quality level of an image. It can assume as a working principle for a straightforward approach. The simple Clipping Path approach is usually applied to shapes and sizes in different platforms of various items or products.

Compound Clipping Path

Compound Clipping Path is a combination of much more multi-inclusive or exclusive paths. It may consist of low-attached transparencies like holes, usually five up to ten closed paths, and many more outlining curves. The concept of the Compound Clipping Path is a much tougher concept from the general clipping path approach. Highly experienced and professional hands are requiring for this type of clipping path services. 

Clipping path Specialists offer the most decent compound clipping path services around the globe. We ensure the maximum quality level at the most attractive pricing and quick turnaround. Also we are the only clipping path service provider who doesn’t charge payment upfront.

Complex Clipping Path

Clipping path Specialists is the most unique and appreciating name to the global consumers around the globe. We provide the most gorgeous complex clipping path service provider around the world. We provide the highest quality level of satisfaction at the most affordable pricing and within a very minimum turnaround. Complex Clipping Path is a combination of much more single closed paths like basic curves. It is including merely oval-shaped or in a straight line. There are no enclosed transparencies while not many or more holes are visualizing. It is a more critical Clipping Path approach rather than the other clipping path techniques.

Super Complex Clipping Path

Super Complex Clipping path’s main objective is to apply various objects with hand-drawn clipping path accuracy. The main concern of super complex is many embedded semi transparencies with holes or in abundant curves. Super Complex Clipping Path is considering as a more sensitive and most complex clipping path approach or technique. It is basically used or applied to fine-edge jewelry, flower bouquet, models, or various natural items.

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How to create clipping path in photoshop

1. Open Photoshop & Upload your Image
Open Photoshop and from the File menu, select Open to upload the image you would like to edit. You can choose any image according to your preference.
2. Select Pen Tool from Main Toolbar
Once you have opened your image, go to Main Toolbar & Select Pen Tool.
3. Drawing the Exact Shape of your Image
The next step is to draw the exact shape of your image. It can be time-consuming depending on the object’s intricate edges; thus, you need to ensure that the path is accurate.
4. Layer Panel & Save Path
Go to the Layer Panel and select the Path Tab. then, click on the Three Lines Shaped Icon located at the top right corner of the panel, and choose Save Path. After that, select the name for your path and then choose or create clipping Path from the same menu. After that, You will see a new dialog box with different types of clipping path settings. Make sure your path is set, and then click Ok.
5. Save as Photoshop EPS
After that, Go to the main File menu, select Save As. After that, select Photoshop EPS as the File Type.
6. Add Layer Mask from Layer Panel
After that, Go to the Layer Panel and click twice on Add Layer Mask icon. Adding a layer saves your selected path as a layer mask, and everything outside of the selection will be transparent. Choose Save As to save a new file. This process is how you can create clipping path in photoshop in 6 simple steps.
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