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Best free software to remove red eye from photo in 2023 [Video]

Best free software to remove red eye from photo in 2022 [Video Tutorial]

You can use photo editing software to remove red eye from a photo easily. First, load the photo into the software. Select the red eye tool from the ‘Spot Healing’ section at the bottom of the workspace. Next, adjust the Pupil Detection slider to get the desired result. You can also choose the option to darken the eyes. Finally, save the picture in the JPEG format.

Red Eye From a Photo

Alternatively, you can use free photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. This program contains many photo editing features and is great for removing red eye from photos. You can also use it to fix blemishes on skin, improve eye color, and whiten teeth.


Another free photo editing software is IrfanView, a free image viewer that also comes with a number of image editing features. The “Retouch” tab in this program offers the same features as Photoshop but for free. It has a wide range of other editing tools as well, so you should not need to spend money on a professional tool.

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Wondershare Filmora

Another popular photo editing software is Wondershare Filmora. It can also remove red eye from videos. Another great feature of this software is that it allows you to process several photos at once. The program can process multiple photos and export them to your library. Afterwards, you can refine the result by using other features of the software.

In order to remove red eye from photos, you should first make sure the photos were shot without a flash. Also, you should shoot in natural light when possible. If the lighting is poor, the red eye is more pronounced. If the subject has a flash, you can try to move the light source away from the subject. Otherwise, you can use a red eye removal tool in post-processing software.

A good red-eye remover can make your photos look much better, especially if they were taken in low light. It’s easy to use, and can even be used by beginners and experts. Depending on your skill level, you can even choose to use a free software for red-eye removal.

The best red-eye-removal method is to use a program that can match the eye colors. There are several programs available, but the best one is Auto Human Eye. If your photo doesn’t have a flash, try the Freehand Pupil Outline method. Using this method, you can choose the color match and size of the red-eye area.

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If you want to use a free tool, Picsart offers an eye correction tool called the Red Eye Remover. To use the tool, you simply upload the image to Picsart and choose the ‘Red Eye’ tool. The AI in the program will automatically identify the red eye and make the necessary adjustments.


Using Pixlr is another great option. This application features a clean UI and allows you to use multiple editing tools to enhance the photos. The program also lets you apply multiple artistic effects and enhance the image’s color. This software is easy to use and can be used on Android or iOS devices. It also allows you to share the edited photos on social media.

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