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How to Take Great Product Photos in 2022

How to Take Great Product Photos

Product photography is a niche that every photographer should be familiar with. Now that the ecommerce industry is thriving and reaching new heights, more and more businesses have been commissioning photographers for product shoots. Photographer Morgan Nesbitt states on Medium how good product photography allows businesses to grab the attention of their customers, set the right expectations, and keep competitors at bay. Learn How to Take Great Product Photos.

How to Take Great Product Photos

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Taking product photos can be a fun experience. In order to produce striking photos that the customer will find memorable, you should play around with your photography. Feel free to take product photos from odd angles or place the product in unconventional backdrops. You should recognize that there’s more to product photography than taking photos in front of a simple, white backdrop. To energize your product photos and make them more engaging for the customers, try to play around with the styling and experiment until you create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

Use the right camera

The key to taking stellar product photos is using a camera that allows you to tweak all of its settings. While you can take decent Product photography Photos using a flagship phone or a point-and-shoot, it’s still best to use a DSLR to have full control over your camera settings. The range of cameras on Adorama shows that you don’t have to break the bank to buy a DSLR. For one, the entry-level Canon EOS Rebel T7 comes at just under $500. If you don’t mind spending a little more, you can get the high-end Canon EOS 90D for around $1,400. By choosing the right camera, you can take charge during your product photography shoots and produce better quality photos.

Have freedom in manipulating the photos

As we’ve mentioned, you should try your hand at having fun with product photography. If you don’t have the skill to create practical sets, you can take formal product photos and experiment on them using photo manipulation software. This allows you to create interesting product photos without being restrained by physical props. In our post on ‘How to Edit Photos like a Professional Photographer’, we talked about how you don’t need to spend long hours at a photo studio to create great-looking photos. As long as you familiarize yourself with basic software such as Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw, you can create amazing Product photography Photos through photo manipulation techniques.

Find the light

When it comes to Product photography Photos, you should go all out with the lighting. For one, your lighting setup should be able to provide adequate lighting so that the product is separated from the background. To do this, you should use a wide array of studio lighting equipment. Thankfully, the variety of studio lighting equipment on Techradar represent that studio kits come at an affordable price. Whether you plan on using softboxes or flash heads, you can create a well-lit studio environment without having to shell out a significant amount of money.

So, if you’re a photographer who wants a successful commercial career, we advise you to follow the tips we’ve listed above and use them to master the art of product photography.

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